Fine Art Prints

All works are printed by the artists.  

Black and white works are printed using the Piezography Pro system. Piezography is the highest standard available for black-and-white digital printing.  The Piezography printing system uses seven shades of carbon greyscale ink and provides subtle greys otherwise unnoticed in traditional black-and-white printing.  

All inks, printing techniques, framing and use of top-grade, archival-quality papers ensure that every print stands the test of time and will be passed to the next generations.

Color works are printed using Epson’s Ultrachrome ink set.

Works on this site are available for purchase.

The maximum size of the open edition is printed on 13”x19” paper.

Limited editions have a set number of prints for each available size.  Each print is uniquely numbered, signed and titled.

Let us know if you want more info on sizes and prices.

In purchasing a physical print, you purchase the right to display the print for viewing for non-commercial purposes.  You may not copy, scan, resell, duplicate, publish, distribute, or otherwise use the image in any manner without prior written authorization.  You will own the print, but not the rights to the original copyrighted image.
All image rights belong to Ted Andreasian and  Nune Karamyan